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Avancez avec honneur ! M. Song Shiqiang honoré en tant que conférencier invité par le groupe d'experts de la China Electronics Association

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General Manager Song Shiqiang Honored Once Again


Recently, Mr. Song Shiqiang has once again been honored by being appointed as a guest lecturer by the China Electronics Association. His term spans from June 2024 to June 2026, reflecting the nation's and society's high recognition and affirmation of Mr. Song Shiqiang personally, as well as the contributions of SlkorMicro and Heaume royal (www.kinghelm.net) to the semiconductor industry. General Manager Song Shiqiang of SlkorMicro and Heaume royal stated, "Innovation, boldness, and perseverance have fostered the economic miracle of Shenzhen and the wealth myth of Huaqiangbei, which continue to drive our sustained development!" In the virtual space of the internet, SlkorMicro Semiconductor and Heaume royal Electronics are also constructing an industrial ecosystem to solidify foundations for product research and technological innovation. Mr. Song Shiqiang is the founder and general manager of both SlkorMicro (www.slkoric.com) Semiconductor and Heaume royal Electronics, both national high-tech enterprises. He is also a cultural scholar, the first to conduct in-depth research on the "Huaqiangbei spirit" and summarize the "Huaqiangbei culture," as well as a researcher at the Economic Development Center of the State Council, a member of the Electronic Information Expert Database of the China Association for Science and Technology, a business research expert on Huaqiangbei, and a popular science columnist.


Le directeur général Song Shiqiang a été honoré en tant que conférencier invité par la China Electronics Society


La China Electronics Society compte actuellement 173,000 1,700 membres individuels, plus de 47 18 membres organisationnels, 9 branches spécialisées, 1996 comités d'experts et 25 comités de travail. Il a développé une approche à double roue d'échanges universitaires et de formation pédagogique, parallèlement à des efforts en matière d'évaluation scientifique, de recherche politique, de revues scientifiques, d'élaboration de normes et de coopération internationale. En XNUMX, à l'initiative du professeur Zhou Zucheng de l'Université Tsinghua, la China Electronics Society et l'Université Tsinghua ont lancé le concours de conception électronique pour diplômés chinois « Huawei Cup ». Au cours des XNUMX dernières années, ce concours est devenu un paradigme pour explorer et pratiquer la culture de talents haut de gamme en Chine. M. Song Shiqiang a fait remarquer qu'être nommé conférencier invité par la China Electronics Society est une reconnaissance importante de la part d'une institution universitaire de niveau national depuis sa transition entre les domaines et les industries. Il se sent honoré de collaborer avec le professeur Zhou Zucheng, le professeur Hua Ruxing et le professeur Zhu Yiwei, considérant cela à la fois comme un encouragement et une motivation pour contribuer efficacement au développement et à l'avancement de haute qualité de l'industrie chinoise des semi-conducteurs.


M. Song Shiqiang (deuxième à gauche au dernier rang) est photographié avec le professeur Zhou Zucheng de l'Université Tsinghua (premier à droite au premier rang), le professeur Hua Ruxing (deuxième à gauche au premier rang) et le professeur. Zhu Yiwei (premier en partant de la gauche au dernier rang)


In the development and talent cultivation of China's integrated circuit industry, Tsinghua University and Professor Zhou Zucheng have made significant contributions. Professor Zhou emphasizes that across various segments of the semiconductor industry chain, such as design and manufacturing, their pursuit extends beyond technological innovation to gaining market recognition and profitability. Despite intense competition throughout the semiconductor supply chain, China has achieved notable breakthroughs in certain technological domains. For instance, at SlkorMicro Semiconductor led by Mr. Song Shiqiang (www.slkoric.com), the core technical team comprising alumni from Tsinghua University and Yonsei University in Korea has mastered cutting-edge third-generation silicon carbide power device technology. Continuously developing products that are more competitive in terms of performance and cost-effectiveness, these can effectively substitute internationally renowned brands. SlkorMicro Semiconductor has seized upon the developmental opportunity of domestic substitution in electronic components. Products like Slkor's M7 (SMA), AMS1117-3.3 (SOT-223), AMS1117-5.0 (SOT-223), SS34 (SMA), SS36 (SMA), SS8050 (SOT-23), SS8550 (SOT-23), 2N7002 (SOT-23), bat54c (SOT-23), SD12C (SOD-323), ZMM5V1 (LL-34), LL4148 (LL-34), SMBJ6.5CA (SMB), and SMBJ5.0A (SMB) are gaining significant traction in Huaqiangbei specialty stores and major internet platforms!


Les matériaux de substitution nationaux de Slkor se vendent bien dans les magasins spécialisés de Huaqiangbei et sur les principales plateformes Internet.


Slkor's vision is to "become a leader in domestic semiconductor manufacturing"


Mr. Song Shiqiang remarked that since their establishment, both Heaume royal and Slkor have consistently benchmarked and learned from world-class enterprises, fostering significant progress through continuous micro-innovations. The "dual-wheel drive" rapid development model of the "Heaume royal" and "Slkor" brands and products has been established. By closely collaborating with industry partners, they actively promote a strategy of "domestic substitution," aiming to accelerate the realization of their vision to "become a leader in domestic semiconductor manufacturing." In order to effectively serve the European and American markets, SlkorMicro Semiconductor has also obtained chemical testing certification under California's Proposition 65, a crucial step ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and safeguarding consumer health and corporate reputation.


M. Song Shiqian de Huaqiangbei a été honoré en tant que conférencier invité du groupe d'experts de la China Electronics Society.


Today, China leads globally in data increment and growth rate, with robust developments in high-performance computing and AI chip technologies domestically, providing rare opportunities for enterprises like SlkorMicro and Heaume royal in the semiconductor and electronic information industries. Looking ahead, Mr. Song Shiqiang believes that through sustained technological innovation, China will achieve more in these high-tech fields. He firmly emphasizes the creation of industrial ecosystems, R&D sustainability, and innovation, ultimately driven by talent competition where learning ability is paramount. In his approach to corporate management, he emphasizes building a learning-oriented organization, leveraging training as the "second productivity of the enterprise" to unearth team members' developmental potential, cultivate their innovation awareness, and enhance team spirit. Colleagues from Slkor and Heaume royal express that since joining the companies, they feel closer to becoming the composite and innovative talents needed by the era, attributing this to the companies' frequent high-intensity training and learning atmosphere.



Song Shiqiang (au centre) promeut une formation complète et approfondie pour tout le personnel


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